This Week’s Object of Lust: Tivoli Model 10

It’s been a long time since my last post…  Despite getting regular messages suggesting I post more, I’ve somehow let this blog lie fallow for the entire winter.  Well, like a hibernating bear, I hope that we can come back strong, starting now.

This week’s object of lust isn’t a clothing item at all.  Nonetheless, it falls within the two primary goals I had when I started this blog:  helping guys to not look like jackasses, and appealing to the aesthetic side of men everywhere.  Tivoli is a maker of beautifully crafted table radios.  Not only are they highly functional (and, before you ask, they do have an input for iPods), but they are quite likely the best looking audio devices in the world.  Housed in wooden cabinets, they fit neatly on the kitchen counter, or, as is the case with me, on my bedside table.  Besides looking great, they deliver audio performance far greater than their diminutive size would suggest. 

The original Tivoli is the Model One (pictured below).  Available in a range of colours and woods, it is beautifully simple and clean in its design.  It somehow looks old in the best sense of the world, while still remaining modern and is the one that I have.  Given that the Model One has been around for 10 years, you can score one on Ebay for somewhere in the $150 or less range, particularly if you don’t mind picking up a used one, as I did.  Besides providing great tunes in the bedroom or kitchen (or living room for that matter), it’s effectively a piece of design or furniture for roomsthat, for most guys, lack both.  In other words, it’s a fantastic way to make your bedroom more appealing to any… visitors that you may have.

There are two other main table radios offered by Tivoli right now: the Model Two (which has a secondary speaker, hence the “Two”) and the Model Three, which incorporates an alarm clock.  You can also add a Tivoli CD Player to make yourself a very nice shelf system, or a subwoofer to the mix.  All three, particularly the Model One, have garnered sweeping praise for their sound quality and I’d take a Tivoli over a Bose Wave radio from purely a sound quality any day (when you include aesthetics, it’s really a no-brainer).

But, this post is about their new model, the Model 10, which Tivoli is releasing to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  It takes the Model One and updates it to the modern age, while keeping all of the charm and design elements that have made Tivoli what it is.   It also has new futures, including a dual alarm clock (previously only available in analog form on the rather expensive Model Three), the ability to adjust treble and bass levels, a digital tuner and an RDS text feed which shows that musician, song and album while tuned to the radio.

The best part is that the new Model 10 is available for $199, only slightly more than the Model One, despite having far more features.  You can add a second speaker or the new Connectorm,  a stylish dock for your iPod, to your Model 10 as well (although both come at a price).  Not only will your $199 get you one of the world’s finest radios and a top quality iPod speaker, but it is also a piece of furniture that adds a healthy dose of savoire- faire to any room.  So gentlemen, the next time your girlfriend, wife or lady that you’re sleeping with clamours for you to incorporate design elements into your place other than the carefully engineered tower of empty beer bottles or your posters of Brooklyn Decker and the 1997 Florida Marlins World Series team, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve.  For more information about Tivoli, check out www.tivoliaudio.com.

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