One Guy’s Daily Tip: Wear Henleys

There are two types of casual shirts that immediately come to mind.  First, there is the t-shirt, the most casual of casual shirts, but one that indispensably comfortable over the summer months.  You can’t go wrong sitting on a deck and drinking a beer in your t-shirt.  The second shirt that comes to mind is the polo shirt.  The polo shirt is on the other side of the casual spectrum, being one of the least casual of casual shirts.  Shirts with collars tend to be deemed more formal than shirts without collars, hence this characterization.  T he middle ground between the two?  The henley.  (More after the jump)

Henleys are shirts that do not have a collar, but do have a placket of generally between 3 and 5 buttons at the neckline.  It’s essentially a polo shirt where the collar has been removed (or, conversely, a t-shirt where buttons have been added).  It can have short or long sleeves and was originally a rowing uniform for rowers in the town of Henley-on=Thames, England (hence the name).  The henley was popular in the 1970’s and, like much from that decade recently, has once again become fashionable. Fans of the TV show Entourage may have noticed that the main character, Vince, regularly wears henleys (as seen in the pictures above and below).

The best part of the henley is that it looks like you put in more effort and thought than simply throwing on a t-shirt, while not looking as formal as wearing a polo shirt.  Essentially, it is the perfect middle-ground, and looks great when worn on the dock at the lake, in a bar or club or anywhere in between.  Furthermore, they’re widely available at nearly any price points.  I would recommend having a look at Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren, American Essentials, James Perse.  Make sure that you get the right size and that it fits well but isn’t too tight.  In terms of the buttons, do up as many or as few as you’d like.  I tend to undo the top one or two, depending on the shirt, often wearing a v-neck t-shirt underneath, but feel free to experiment and get your own personal preference.

Until next time gentlemen…

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