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One Guy Recommends: The Undershirt

Continuing on the theme of my post about Sea Island cotton shirts, it’s summer and it’s HOT.  I’m not all that sweaty a guy, but when you’re walking around downtown in blazing heat with a suit jacket on, it doesn’t matter: you’re getting sweaty.  The telltale sign is of course the infamous “pit stain”, harbinger of the creepy dude at the office.  If there’s one thing you do not want to be, it’s the creepy dude at the office.

The best way I’ve found of preventing this is wearing an undershirt.  I go with regular white or grey t-shirts, either crew neck or v-neck depending on whether I’m wearing a tie.  The two that I’ve found to be the absolute best bang for your buck in the undershirt world are those made by Hanes (available at any Walmart or pretty much any other down-market retailer) and those by Joe Fresh at Loblaws/Superstore.  Not only are they absurdly cheap, so you can really stock your closet with them, but they’re soft enough that they’ll soon be one of your favourite things to lounge around the house in (ladies, somewhat surprisingly, have reported that this can be a sexy look as well – further food for thought).  Continue reading ‘One Guy Recommends: The Undershirt’


This Week’s Object of Lust: Charles Tyrwhitt Sea Island Dress Shirts

If you live on the east coast, than you’ll have enjoyed some truly fantastic weather of late.  Now, I say “enjoyed”, but there’s one negative sentiment that is likely shared by nearly every man that trudges off to work everyday in a suit: It. Is. Hot.  The suit, dress shirt and tie, having been invented in the cool, moderate confines of Europe can feel a bit out of place in the summer in North America (or anywhere else where the temperatures hover around 30 degrees celsius).

One way to reduce the heat is to wear a cotton or linen suit, but that’s going to set you back a few hundred dollars, and this blog tries to get you looking good while keeping some shekels in your pocket.  You could, perhaps, wear a lighter fabric tie, but I’d be kidding you if I told you that makes much of a difference.  That leaves the shirt, and the best dress shirts I’ve found to help beat the heat are the Sea Island cotton shirts made by Charles Tyrwhitt.  (Continue reading after the jump)

Continue reading ‘This Week’s Object of Lust: Charles Tyrwhitt Sea Island Dress Shirts’

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