This Week’s Object of Lust: Charles Tyrwhitt Sea Island Dress Shirts

If you live on the east coast, than you’ll have enjoyed some truly fantastic weather of late.  Now, I say “enjoyed”, but there’s one negative sentiment that is likely shared by nearly every man that trudges off to work everyday in a suit: It. Is. Hot.  The suit, dress shirt and tie, having been invented in the cool, moderate confines of Europe can feel a bit out of place in the summer in North America (or anywhere else where the temperatures hover around 30 degrees celsius).

One way to reduce the heat is to wear a cotton or linen suit, but that’s going to set you back a few hundred dollars, and this blog tries to get you looking good while keeping some shekels in your pocket.  You could, perhaps, wear a lighter fabric tie, but I’d be kidding you if I told you that makes much of a difference.  That leaves the shirt, and the best dress shirts I’ve found to help beat the heat are the Sea Island cotton shirts made by Charles Tyrwhitt.  (Continue reading after the jump)

Charles Tyrwhitt is a Jermyn Street shirtmaker that was founded in London in 1986.  They make great quality shirts and, while I might point you towards T.M. Lewin for your everyday dress shirts, you cannot beat Tyrwhitt for their price on Sea Island shirts.

Sea Island cotton is a lighter, smoother and more silky cotton that is sourced from the “Sea Islands” of South Carolina and Georgia.  Tyrwhitt’s Sea Island shirts are 100%, two-fold (which means that two yarns are spun together to create a finer yarn than simply a single spun yarn), 140’s (this references the thread count, and 140 is high), Sea Island cotton.  You will be very, very hard-pressed to get a more comfortable and heat-friendly shirt at the price Charles Tyrwhitt offers these shirts at.  They’re available in either single or french (double) cuffs, and come with mother-of-pearl buttons and complimentary brass collar stays.

I would highly recommend buying the “Slim” fit, or to take the “Classic” fit to a tailor to be fine tuned so you aren’t sporting a muffin top of extra shirt fabric when you take your jacket off.  The best part right now?  They’re on sale for $99, down from $190, which is a fantastic deal for these shirts.  There’s only 4 shirts left in slim fit (a standard white, a standard blue, a blue stripe and a pink check), so grab them quickly if you want one.  They’re available at www.ctshirts.com.  Get ’em while the weather is hot and you definitely won’t regret the purchase…

Note:  Charles Tyrwhitt is currently offering free shipping and handling with the following promo codes: TWUS for the U.S. site and TWUK for the U.K. site; this deal is on until June 18th.  Cheers.


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