One Guy’s Daily Tip: Wear Slim-Cut Khakis

There’s been a question I’ve been mulling over lately.  If you’re anything like me, than you pretty much live (outside of the office that is) in jeans.  I would say, conservatively, that I likely wear jeans 90% of the time I’m not wearing dress pants.  I have a couple of pairs that I’ve lovingly worn in to a level of comfort that is almost unmatchable (one of these pairs I’m actually having emergency repairs done to as a hole had sprouted in the crotch;  I realize that having a tailor repair the torn crotch of one’s jeans is a bit of lunacy, but these jeans are the closest thing to a child I have right now).  That said, there has to be more than jeans out there.  Especially in summer, when wearing 3 pounds of selvedge denim around is comparable to some sort of heat based torture. 

Nonetheless, I think I’ve found a solution:  slim-cut khakis.  Now, I know what you’re going to say: “Khakis? Really? You’re  suggesting I dress less like Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones” and more like Bill Gates circa 1999?”

Not exactly.  The “midwestern senator on the golf course” type of khaki (i.e. one that is baggy, perfectly creased and sports a squadron of pleats on the front) and is made of some sort of thin, vaguely beige material is worlds apart from what I’m talking about.   (Continue reading after the jump)

Khakis (or chinos) were originally military garments.  They were rugged, often made of a form of canvas.  In the ’50’s and ’60’s they were adopted by jazz musicians  and slimmed down, simplified.  It is this style that has been reinvigorated by a few menswear makers of late.  The modern khaki is flat front, cut slim like a perfect pair of jeans and worn uncreased.  These aren’t formal pants that you should tuck your polo shirt into while eating cucumber sandwiches.  These are true denim alternatives that look just as casually cool and are the perfect change-up to your denim. 

They also work great in the summer because they’re cotton and therefore far more cool and breathable than your average pair of jeans.  Plus, they look great rolled up a bit.  If you want to take it a step further, get your khakis in a steel grey or navy, which’ll keep you closer to the dark denim look. 

Some companies that are making great khakis right now are:  Save Khaki (a range of their pants are pictured in the ensemble photo above);  J. CrewH&M, Ralph Lauren’s “Rugby” line, A.P.C.  and, if you’re strolling out of the house on a Saturday morning and into your Bentley, Michael Bastian.  One of my favourites right now are the limited edition Docker K1 (pictured at left in “granite”) being sold by Dockers made with combat twill, melamine buttons and a classic straight leg cut(or online at us.dockers.com); at $68, they’re a nice deal – Urban Outfitters is selling an ankle length version for $49 right now in a number of colours as well (www.urbanoutfitters.com).   Just remember to keep them slim, simple and wear them like your denim.

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