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This Week’s Objects of Lust: Ropey Soles’ Espadrilles


A couple of years ago, I went to Spain. Besides the incredible weather, great food, beer and wine and spectacularly beautiful women frolicking on the European (read: topless) beaches, one of my favourite discoveries were espadrilles. Now, I’ve never been a big slippers guy; they seem a little too “Hugh Hefner” to wear around. Plus, they’re essentially limited to in-your-house use. There are those times where you want to go out to the store to grab some coffee filters or a six-pack, or, better yet, head down to the beach for the afternoon and you’re not feeling your sneakers, boat shoes, etc. Plus, you’re 50/50 on the appropriateness of sandals for daily use in the city (not to mention the fact that they’re a pain in the ass to walk any sort of distance in). The perfect shoe to fill the gap? The espadrilles, my friend. Available in many different colours, lightweight, as comfortable as slippers, with the perfect balance of laid-back summer style and European flair, they really are top-notch in warm weather. Unfortunately, they do have one arch-nemesis that killed the beloved pair that I brought back from Spain: water. The soles of espadrilles are made from a plant called jute and water causes jute to expand, deforming their soles. Nonetheless, jute is extremely light and breathable and a fantastic natural fibre. Since then, I’ve been looking for a replacement with no joy. Most of the offerings available in Canada have unwanted additions, such as brand names, don’t have jute soles, etc. However, Ropey Soles, a company out of the U.K.  sell fantastic examples in a variety of colours. Best of all, they’re cheap; £11.99 cheap. Plus,.they ship across the world (including to Canada for a reasonable £7). Get them before summer is over and look like you just stepped off your yacht in the Med, but really don’t want to make a big deal about it.

Check them out online at and seriously think about skipping the berets that are sold alongside the espadrilles.

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