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One Guy’s Daily Tip: Wear Slim-Cut Khakis

There’s been a question I’ve been mulling over lately.  If you’re anything like me, than you pretty much live (outside of the office that is) in jeans.  I would say, conservatively, that I likely wear jeans 90% of the time I’m not wearing dress pants.  I have a couple of pairs that I’ve lovingly worn in to a level of comfort that is almost unmatchable (one of these pairs I’m actually having emergency repairs done to as a hole had sprouted in the crotch;  I realize that having a tailor repair the torn crotch of one’s jeans is a bit of lunacy, but these jeans are the closest thing to a child I have right now).  That said, there has to be more than jeans out there.  Especially in summer, when wearing 3 pounds of selvedge denim around is comparable to some sort of heat based torture. 

Nonetheless, I think I’ve found a solution:  slim-cut khakis.  Now, I know what you’re going to say: “Khakis? Really? You’re  suggesting I dress less like Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones” and more like Bill Gates circa 1999?”

Not exactly.  The “midwestern senator on the golf course” type of khaki (i.e. one that is baggy, perfectly creased and sports a squadron of pleats on the front) and is made of some sort of thin, vaguely beige material is worlds apart from what I’m talking about.   (Continue reading after the jump) Continue reading ‘One Guy’s Daily Tip: Wear Slim-Cut Khakis’


This Week’s Object of Lust: Michael Bastian Rugby Shirt


Rugby shirts, the fall/winter version of the polo shirt, will never go out of style. They somehow manage to be rugged, classic and elegant all at the same time. There are many brands that make excellent examples, most notably Canterbury of New Zealand (who make rugby shirts for the professionals as well) and our old friend Ralph Lauren. However, a man named Michael Bastian has raised the bar (and the price tag – you’ll note that the term “lust” is in the title of this post) for the rugby shirt as we know it. Bastian, the former director of menswear at Barney’s (a very high-end department store, for those that might not be aware), decided to design and manufacture menswear for one very simple reason: he couldn’t find classic, americana clothing that met his expectations. Michael Bastian now makes clothing staples, including khaki pants, casual blazers, sweaters, casual shirts and, of course, rugby shirts. Cut in a modern way, while still remaining absolutely classic, Bastian’s clothes are generally manufactured in Italy by Brunello Cuccinelli, the king of Italian casual clothing. The fabrics and fit and finish associated with Cuccinelli items are amongst the best in the world and this is immediately evidenced when one takes even a cursory glance at a Bastian rugby shirt.

Bastian Rugby 2

Expensive? Of course. But you shouldn’t only wear your best at the office – wouldn’t your Saturday morning coffee run be improved by a perfectly made, classically elegant rugby shirt? I know mine would…

Michael Bastian clothing is available at stores including Barney’s, Saks and Niemen Marcus and occasionally on Ebay.

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