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Corporate Style – Part 5: Watches


Men have a tenuous relationship with jewelery.  Almost without fail, more is definitely less.  However, I would highly recommend saving room for a watch.  And not just any watch, a watch that makes sure you’re dressed acceptably wherever you are, or perhaps one that puts you in a certain mood in light of its associations with car racing, scuba diving or sailing.  In the words of British GQ editor Dylan Jones, “You can be walking along a deserted Caribbean beach, wearing only a pair of shorts, but if you’re sporting an expensive watch, then you’re still well dressed.”  There is no question that this is a true statement – there are very few better ways to tell quite a bit about a person than to take a glance at their choice of wrist wear.  For example, a man with a Chopard Mille Miglia (see below) is likely to be interested in cars.  The guy with a Corum Admiral’s Cup is almost assuredly someone that sails (or wishes that they did).  And a man with a Patek Philippe is very likely a man with great taste that run towards the traditional and has very deep pockets.


But you shouldn’t buy a nice watch to send a particular message to other people; you should buy it for yourself.  For many men, it comes down to a fascination with the incredible engineering that goes into a fine Swiss watch.  For others it’s a love of the elegant design or, as I said before, the frame of mind that a particular watch puts you in.  I know men that have a particular watch they wear during the work week, and something sporty like a chunky TAG Heuer diving watch that they put on over the weekend.  That watch means its time for them to relax and enjoy their time off and shakes off the prim and proper elegance of their more business appropriate weekday wear.  For others, watches are a means of celebrating something, such as a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary or a promotion.  They can even be a means of remembering a loved one or cheering yourself up a bit.  Overall men, we’ve been given a grand canvas for our personality, our interests and our own projection of who it is we want to be, and so we shouldn’t waste that opportunity.

As someone that for quite some time did not wear a watch, I now realize that this was a mistake.  Even though we now are surrounded by gadgets that tell us the time (BlackBerry’s, iPods and the like), there is still something manly and prepared about having the time strapped to your wrist.  It suggests to others that you’re responsible and, well, a man. Continue reading ‘Corporate Style – Part 5: Watches’


This Week’s Objects of Lust: Tag Heuer Monaco

Two things that never go out of style: Beautiful cars going very fast and Steve McQueen. Combine these two things and you get the seminal 1971 movie Le Mans. Shot using real footage from the famous 24-hour race in Le Mans, France, Steve McQueen plays a race-car driver for the Gulf Porsche team. Co-starring in this film is his watch, a Heuer Monaco that is seen throughout the movie and has since become one of the most famous timepieces in the world (visible on his right wrist in the photo below).


I have always loved square watches and this one is both sporty and sophisticated enough for the office (particularly when purchased in black). In honour of the 40th anniversary of the original launch of the Monaco, Tag Heuer has re-issued the original style worn by McQueen (in blue with twin chronographs) while still offering the updated versions that Tag began selling again in the late ’90’s.


Even better, Tag has created a video entitled “The Duel” which features current spokesman, Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton spliced into scenes from Le Mans with Steve McQueen. Despite being an advertisement, it manages to still be worth a watch. The video can be found here.

Watches can be purchased from any Tag Heuer authorized dealer; or, to save a bit of coin, try Amazon or Ebay.

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