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One Guy Recommends: Warby Parker Glasses

I’ve needed glasses since I was in elementary school, but I’ve never been a glasses person.  I’ve never particularly liked the way they look and, even more, I really don’t like having to shill out a bundle of cash to buy them.  Contact lenses have long been my daily ritual, but as contact wearers know, it isn’t very ideal not to have a pair of glasses available to throw on when you wake up in the morning, or don’t really feel like putting your contacts in.  Nonetheless, I held out for more than 7 years from buying new glasses, preferring to either walk around semi-blind or to wear my twisted and scratched emergency pair.  Undoubtedly my prescription had changed in that absurdly long time period, but I really didn’t have much interest in going through the process of buying new ones.

That is, until I came across Warby Parker, an exclusively online retailer of fashionable glasses.  Unbelievably, Warby Parker will send you a pair of glasses, including prescription scratch resistant and anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses for $95.  That’s right, I just said that you can get a cool pair of glasses, including prescription lenses and frames, for $95.  With free shipping.  And, you can even have them send you 5 pairs of glasses (without prescription lenses installed) to you to try-on at home and make your decision – once again, for free (although this is depending on how much stock they have, and availability has been hit-or-miss).  You can also upload a picture and do a “virtual try-on” directly on their website.  They also have a fantastic, no-hassle, no-questions return policy if you get your glasses and aren’t entirely satisfied – you guessed it, returns, even postage for them, are entirely free.  But wait, there’s more…  When you buy a pair of their glasses, they’ve agreed to give a pair away to someone who needs it in the poorer areas of the world. Amazingly, your $95 makes you charitable too! Continue reading ‘One Guy Recommends: Warby Parker Glasses’


One Guy Recommends:

Everybody needs a watch or two and I recently stumbled across a great site to find watches at very good prices. Each day, ChronoShark offers one watch in limited quantities at a deeply discounted price. These watches range from models from luxury brands like Tag Heuer (the Link model pictured below was on sale for $799, with a Formula 1 chronograph model selling for under $500 the week before), to more utilitarian brands like Casio (on sale this week for under $50). In other words, if you’re patient, you can get your watch for the office and your watch for the weekend at the same place and for a lot less than you would likely otherwise have to spend.


Like any great deal, there is one small catch; for Canadian readers, they do not ship to Canada. Therefore, you will have to have a friend south of the border willing to ship your watch up to you after purchase. Check out every day as each watch is only available for 24 hours.

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